On the night we arrived, it was late and a couple of the restaurants in Brick Town were closed. Spaghetti Warehouse was open and we decided to split a dinner as it was late and we weren’t extremely hungry. Well, the idea they presented was copied this evening at home. The recipe was simple:
boneless skinless chicken breast
linguini noodles
We had mominbox bake the chicken with ground Italian spice on both sides. I added the same spice to the water to boil the linguini and we put the broccoli in the steamer. Once all elements were done, I added some olive oil to the noodles while spouseinbox tossed them and added a capful of vinegar, basil, and oregano. The noodles were placed on the plate with broccoli and then we sliced the chicken and placed on top. The following is the result:

Once on the plate, I decided a little salt finished the flavor.