I am sending a Happy Father’s Day to the guys who are the most maligned group in the modern culture. These are the individuals who do their job, take care of their families, and have to endure the continual drippings from the MSP. (I’m feeling a little politicial tone right now, so just be patient) It used to be Father Knows Best, and now the man is presented as the baffoon. The reason is simple. Dad is the authority in the house. Sorry ladies, but as I noted to a set of ladies last year, when you are having problems with your kid as a single mom, to whom do you have to turn? The reason for this presentation, this Chinese water torture of how bad/dumb men are, is to get the ladies away from the nuclear family – the basis of society – and force dependence upon government. So kudos to the guys out there who endure the culture, put in your best through the work day, and maintain your home with honor and truth. My hat’s off to you. This country will only be able to continue through your efforts, not the homosexual lobby, not the groups wanting free sex – as if any action could be done without consequences. You deserve praise for standing up for what is right in the face of the evil onslaught.