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The rule of law concerning contracts and private property are what make prosperity possible. The Whigs, who were destroyed by the dilemma of slavery, saw that canals and roads were desirable for prosperity, as well. The progressives have taken that to the point that nobody is free to make their own way anymore. They wonder what happened to motivation and think they can cure it with more dependency.

It is truly a control issue. The congress critters control the population, or the population control themselves. The schools were designed to limit the ability of individuals to control themselves by limiting their store of knowledge. (Read The Underground History of American Education.) The government creates the problem, then offers itself as the only solution to the problem it created. It is now that fearsome master of which was previously spoken. If the government power grubbers really wanted to increase the output of America, they would obstruct the boarders as they are instructed to do, turn loose the controls on business and individuals and fill the roll of being the arbiter of contracts between individuals. Once individuals are freed to perform their own labor and suffer the consequences of their decisions, this country would improve phenomenally.