I have been working on cloth lately, and that affords time to think – well, in between times of pulling out stitches in the wrong place. I think there is a common thread in the media driven cultural push for free sex and homosexuality. The social interaction is disparate, but the thread – and push for these activities to occur – is political. John Adams once said, “Our constitution is only fit for a moral and religious people. It is wholly unsuited to the governance of any other kind.”
Sexual activity will occur, and does occur through every species on earth. It’s how we continue to exist. What sets humanity apart from the rest of creation is that we have set that activity in a spiritual level and applied certain criteria which when utilized produce a stable family and extend to the culture as a whole. (notice that I qualified “when utilized”) I have mentioned previously the application of welfare to the destruction of the family and empowerment of government within the family as the female needs more governmental help when the dad is not present. Therefore the destruction of the family unit leads to the increased power of government. Further, the moral activity of individuals needs no regulation. Police are not required when neighbors help each other. Governmental interference and application of force are only required for individuals in a population behaving in a harmful manner. Harmful activity is not a characteristic of moral people. The more moral the population, the less governmental interference required. Therefore, it is not conducive to the aims of expansionist government to have a citizenry behaving in a moral and ethical manner. Intrusion and increased presence cannot be justified in that case. That is the reason crises are utilized to their full extent – the moment where morality was not present and force was required – providing the opportunity for government to expand its reach. Without the crisis, there is not justification for the new program/agency/control. Since pres 0 applied the provision to pay for abortion – killing babies, I have spoken with our benefits director at my company to ensure I was not subsidizing this activity. I understand that the punishment for not participating is a big fine, and if not paid – prison. Let’s apply this. When looking from a moral perspective, I will have to stand before God as one who supported killing babies or as a prisoner who held to morality. Which option should I choose in that scenario? Morality provides a framework from which individuals can judge their actions independently of the forces around themselves. That is why morality is anathema to the political class. Back to John Adams – if the Constitution is for a religious and moral people, one way to remove the Constitution is to convert the people to irreligious and immoral – which I believe is their intent.