Our crew went out to IHOP (pancake place, among other food stuff) mainly due to the thermostat not holding the temperature correctly and the condenser unit freezing over making the house 90 degrees. I turned the A/C off, and left the fan running with the hope that air passing at 90 degrees would melt all the ice. Well, now we are in the IHOP and note a military man there with a couple of kids. He was in uniform and had the appearance of being post work. I decided to say “thank you for your service” in a more tasteful way. My waitress was very helpful to remove a couple of dead presidents from the military man’s bill. This left me the wonder if he would have a tale to tell (if he even would) or if this was a common gesture out there.
Oh yes, I did replace the thermostat with the assistance of spouseinbox, and the house became comfortable about o-dark-thirty.