July 2012

Let’s prioritize. Make sure everyone has a battle carbine, six or seven 30-round magazines and at least 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

Then, we can leisurely debate the fine points of law.

From comments here. I remember the comments about firearms on airlines. One asked G Gordon Liddy (I believe) how it would be if everyone was packing on the airline and he replied, “it would be the most polite flight ever.” I think the author is on to something, though there are too many libs out there to make it happen generally.


I remember in a former life how I was interested in opening a “backyard birthday” business. Part of the specs for this were to have a means of cleaning and sterilizing the utensils used. The cheapest and most prominent sterilant was bleach. This was put into the water in the level of I think 20 parts per million and the cleaned items were placed there for sterilization before rinse and reuse.
At shower time yesterday, I noted the odor of bleach in the water and decided that the city water folks weren’t satisfied with us simply being washed, they wanted to sterilize our skin as well.

I decided to take a few minutes to look up Dewhurst and Cruz and compare them. Ask.com/Wiki was handy here, and had reasonable articles on both individuals with links below:
Ted Cruz
David Dewhurst
After reading them, the decision I will make is simple and based on the less government idea I posited earlier. One of these individuals is against parents choosing schools for their kids. That’s simple enough for me, though there are other details that caught my attention and I did follow the link about the killing of the TSA bill. That one still has me irritated. Are we Texans or what? The Alamo was not fought with even numbers. I know they were shot, but they fought for their freedom and it was won on the next battle amid cries of “Remember the Alamo.” Remember? It wasn’t won by sitting and letting the bureaucrats run over them.

As anyone here in Texas knows, the primary runoff is coming Tuesday. I have a couple of pet peeves concerning this voting process. 1.) I see a multitude of signs in the yards proclaiming some candidate’s name and potential office. I know practically speaking that there is no way to put a platform on a sign, but considering that push, culturally it says that the voting public only votes for the most prominent name, not the issues for which that name stands. Voting for the name (and historical image) gave us the most corrupt administration I have ever seen. How many would have voted that way if the focus was on the platform that politician embodied? “Vote for me and I promise to increase your taxes, push government agents into every area of your lives – make your children give up their mother made lunches for processed ones, force you to violate areas of conviction in your life, take your money to support terrorists overseas and insult you to your face. Vote for me now!” Yes, I hope to change in November.
2.) I received a notice to vote against a candidate for this election. Yes, that’s exactly what the commercial in the mail said. It gave reasons to vote against this senate candidate and I noted an extreme lack of why I should vote for the opponent. Again, what concepts do you as candidate embody? What is your character in administrating them? Do you cherry pick from the rotten fruit left on the tree to show an opponent entirely devoid of character while at the same time ignoring, covering and obfuscating your own pieces of rotten fruit? Note from real life. No one is perfect. I know that’s a shock, but contemplate the ramifications for a moment and add to that – no one will agree entirely with any one else on all the particulars of policy. Therefore, it is incumbent to choose someone who embodies the qualities we desire in a candidate while pursuing policies as closely aligned with ourselves as possible. For me, I’m looking for limited government and pursuit of the truth. So part of my looking at candidates will be – can they tell the truth about their opponents? That’s a good test. I think that’s simple, but finding someone to do it is quite a challenge now-a-days.

We took time a week ago in the mountains and as life as it, had to return. I think it’s called something like paying the bills. Anyways, there is a side effect to being the only individual in the business to perform a particular job. It is still waiting like that lonely puppy for your return. And just as the puppy lavishes attention and requires it from the returning owner, my desk demanded attention through the week, and on one area, I finally caught up the paperwork on Friday. Such is life. That’s what pays the bills, and when I get to explore items of interest, I like to build stuff.
Kidinbox had a request that I make a larger fish tank stand than the one I built for myself, and provided me with money for supplies, so ‘no’ isn’t even an option. That task was most of yesterday, and though progress has been made, there are still many steps to the completion. The unit is 4 feet wide, almost 2 feet deep, and another 2 feet tall – an eighth of a cord of wood for the wood furnace people out there. There is a shelf half-way up the height and an additional split leg in the center to provide additional heft as there is a 75 gallon fish tank waiting to take up occupancy there.
I was cleaning up last night from the day of wood work when I heard scratching and noted something moving up the tree just behind the porch. With flashlights and a zoom lens, I obtained the following documentation of a possible trashcan raider:
Neighborhood watch can keep track of this fellow’s movements…

A couple of nights ago, I was out on the north side of the house trying to take pictures of the stars. This spot was chosen due to the lack of lighting apparatuses there. The stars were brilliant and I had a good look at the Milky Way. I even saw a shooting star at one point. Cool. Well, the camera had a setting for delay picture as well as a long shutter speed and variable sensitivity to adjust according to ambient light. I had the 2 second delay started to allow me to push the button and let go of the camera so it would be as still as possible. The shutter would then cycle and get my shot. I played with the shutter speed and was getting a few shots of interest when there was a noise in the tree to my left. I had just pushed the button for another picture and the shutter had just opened. On conversations with neighbors in the area I was aware that there were animals from the size of chipmunks up to black bears. In fact, one neighbor told me that the bears liked the dumpsters and one neighbor had even installed a motion detector camera on the tree next to the dumpster. Yes, many shots of people walking as well as dumping their trash. Time to take out the trash? Smile. Well, I heard the noise in the tree and beat the shutter function back into the house.
Last night, I took out the camera again and this time used the porch on the second floor of the house. No elk up there. (that was a neighbor’s guess) The same procedure was being performed when I obtained the following shot:

I bounded back into the house like a 6 year old at Christmas. Look at this! With the marvel of the internet, I get to share it with all of you. Have a pleasant rest of the day.

we adapt to the surrounding environment.
The crew rented a house for the vacation and went to a nearby store for provisions. One of the items desired was the dinner I noted previously containing broccoli, noodles, and chicken. Well the latter two elements went well, and that left steaming the broccoli. Where is a steamer? Oops. Well, let’s make one. What elements are available? After searching, we noted a coffee peculator, cooling rack, and various pots and pans. I decided that the bin of the coffee peculator could handle boiling water, so that was chosen to hold the broccoli and all we needed was a way to get the steam through the basket. This was accomplished with a cooling rack across the pan and the lid on top to hold in the steam. The following was the result:

It worked, and dinner was quite tasty.

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