Yea! I have just finished number 5 of the Samson outfits. This is the last robe for the female parts. For costumes, all I lack are the head pieces, and all of Samson’s outfits. Now is time for ibuprofen and sleep. My back’s not happy.
On another subject, we tried to get a quick supper ready yesterday and had an interesting combination. I remembered one stray can of alfredo sauce and had a small package of chicken breasts. These I thawed and diced and spouseinbox fried them in oil and spices. I boiled 9 of the big shells and put the alfredo sauce in a pan to heat. One all were done, the chicken was mixed into the alfredo sauce and then spooned into the shells with the remainder of the sauce poured on top. I found a garnish of tomato and used some Italian beans in the oil of the chicken with addition of salt, pepper, garlic, and soy sauce. Once complete the combination looked like this:

I decided that pieces of tomato added a nice flavor to the alfredo. I would consider pieces of tomato and more chicken next time. All in all, a decent supper that was fixed in 30 minutes.