Dear John,
I have been contemplating the events of this last week and have a few thoughts to share with you. Let me say that the result of your decision will go down in history. I’m not remarking on the grandeur of the decision, but rather on the lack of law. Most of this population understood the Constitution as written, and know that the government had no power to command an individual purchase a product from another individual. This was such a common knowledge, such that even CNN – the liberal bastion of wisdom – announced the opposite, assumed accurate result. The fact that this abomination of a law was let to stand was the shock, and further to use an invalid argument to come to that conclusion was incredible. The invalid argument? If it was a tax, the case was not to be heard until 2014. You will remember that was the opening discourse of this case – whether it could even be heard, and it was presented to be heard as a case on the merits of the commerce clause, not a tax. This day will go down in history as the day that the concept of limited government died. The politicians have all taken note that the only restriction on their use of power is that they call the activity a “tax.” I guess there is a history – gas tax, sin tax, etc. This is the first tax for being alive. I can’t thank you. Next, I note that a fear of those out here is now proven accurate – that the judiciary are political positions with permanent tenure. How do I say political? Well, for one, you rewrote a law. Second, I found it interesting that the members of the court are labeled “conservative” or “liberal” and there is not even a question as to which side of an issue a particular judge will go, just like members of a political party. There was no question as to what Kagan would say, even before the vote. How about the question of recusing oneself in the case of conflict of interest? Was that even a topic? There are a few of us with the illusion that rule of law requires honesty and expect behavior to conform to that expectation. We are the naive thinkers who believe in the founding of this country and the need to uphold that founding against all who want to enslave us – like the ruling you passed. I’m holding on to the belief that there are more than just a handful of us wanting to quote the Declaration of Independence to this government and its string of abuses against the citizens of this country. For your part in this: The court has refused to apply simple accurate understanding of the Constitution to the power of the federal government in regards to private property, search and seizure, and liberty. I do hold you accountable for your votes in these matters.
Thank you.
A Citizen who pays part of your salary.