Interactions between cultures are quite interesting as the responses reveal mistakes not made in that particular culture by natives. This is the gross understanding of a more particular concept, that being people have individual means of reacting to stimuli and utilize their background and personal experiences in choosing response. The response chosen is reflective of that individual’s thought and history. In this fashion, I tend towards the cognitive-behavioral model of psychology. Behaviorists have their points regarding training, but lack in the realm of personal choice differing from the societal norms. I liked to peek through the classroom door at kidinbox to see what this progeny would be doing in my absence. On one particular occasion, I looked through the window in time to observe my sweet innocent child bit their own arm, cry, and point at a nearby child. Any teacher not observing the initial behavior would only note a crying child with teeth marks on the arm. In this case we can use the term “busted” as child was held to account. Where was this behavior learned? I certainly did not teach this sort of behavior. The individual behaves in manners learned from interacting with the environment and judging response to behavior. A clone in DNA will never be a clone in person because of the differences of interaction. It can be seen in this manner that each individual represents a set of interactions with the world around themselves. Each person is a different presentation of how someone can think, speak, and utilize individual preferences with the surrounding environment.
If one uses this line of thought and applies it to the political environment, the results become more interesting. Let’s say that the desire is to have a revolution and destroy the powers which have destroyed our history of a country. Where would one begin? Take out the top names in government on the communist side and there is still the MSP providing the propaganda to the population. Take out the MSP and there are all the professors in all the colleges propagating this line of thought. Remove all of the professors and there are still a plethra of undergrad and school age teachers providing this same mentality, the concepts that have ruined our country. Further, to utilize a thought presented on the radio a couple of days ago, Romney could issue an executive order and stop Obammacare as soon as he gets into office. If that’s the case, the rule of law is truly dead as this behavior is the exact thing we desire to eradicate. Behavior can’t be removed by acting in the same manner.
Note that this line of reasoning leads away from the individuals who perform behavior and shows that the behavior and in my view the philosophy driving the behavior is the real culprit. The harder question is how this level of understanding can be altered in the society. It was done by the communists by infiltrating, then dominating the media and academia. By controlling those two areas, the greatest propagation of their ideas could occur.
It seems to me that the teaching of real history and acknowledgment of background philosophy are the only ways this society can survive – if it can last long enough for the education to occur. To quote the Bible: for we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. I think that describes our government quite well.