Dear sir:
I have seen information stating that the president has offered an official visit as well as some of our tax money to the new leader of Egypt. To cut to the core, this is a travesty and shame on our country. From shortly after our founding in 1805, we have had to fight Muslims in that region of the would. That is the “from the shores of Tripoli” part of the song. This ideology is terrorist forming and seeks nothing civilized or lawful. For our president to provide a cloak of legitimacy to this group – the Muslim Brotherhood – is to spit in the eye of the American people. Our tax money is now being taken at the point of a gun and presented to people of an ideology fully sworn to our destruction. Before you say that we don’t pay taxes at the point of a gun, let me ask what happens to anyone who doesn’t pay their taxes. Point made.
I am looking for a strong response from the branch of government charged with choosing monetary issues. This response should be in the line of removal of all foreign aid to terrorist producing countries and reduction of the appropriations to the State Department of that amount plus an additional amount removed for the lower paperwork required. Yes, I’m saying cut the State Department Budget. Make it clear in a concrete fashion that we don’t pay jizya. We support our own ideology and believe that negotiating with terrorists only produces more terrorists.
Any get-along response is simply providing to the terrorists what they want, our money, and in the future, our lives. It’s past time to give the proper response and that is the word NO. NO to a president acting in a fashion to promote the propagation of a caliphate. NO to the countries supporting a ideology conducive to terrorism. NO to a State Department bent on supporting such countries with our money. NO is a good word when it is used when needed.
Thank you.