We are now in Cloudcroft which puts us a bit close to the sun than our home turf, though it is much cooler up here where the air is thinner. One downside I note is anticipating a good view across the horizon and having more water available, the trees are tall enough to obscure that view. Well, they are nice to see, and we have nothing like this back home where the water comes so seldom. I was treated with the experience last week that the wiper blades actually do work – after so long. I only needed them for a few minutes, but they fulfilled their purpose. Back to the mountains, there is also a lack of paved roads here. Dirt roads weaving around the trees are the norm. Shoulders? That is what the drivers wear to hold their arms and control the car as there is no space from the road to the tree on the side. A couple of drop-offs were also noted.
One other thing that I found intriguing was the massive oil production towards the East of the state and while traveling West, the oil pumps became more sparse and the cactus became trees until this part of the mountain where they are as tall as any I have ever seen. This seems to bear out what I had heard about clouds dropping their water on the approach side of the mountains and a natural desert occurring on the back side. It was interesting to drive through that observation. Well, coffee is ready, so I will depart and wish all of you a pleasant rest of the day.