A couple of nights ago, I was out on the north side of the house trying to take pictures of the stars. This spot was chosen due to the lack of lighting apparatuses there. The stars were brilliant and I had a good look at the Milky Way. I even saw a shooting star at one point. Cool. Well, the camera had a setting for delay picture as well as a long shutter speed and variable sensitivity to adjust according to ambient light. I had the 2 second delay started to allow me to push the button and let go of the camera so it would be as still as possible. The shutter would then cycle and get my shot. I played with the shutter speed and was getting a few shots of interest when there was a noise in the tree to my left. I had just pushed the button for another picture and the shutter had just opened. On conversations with neighbors in the area I was aware that there were animals from the size of chipmunks up to black bears. In fact, one neighbor told me that the bears liked the dumpsters and one neighbor had even installed a motion detector camera on the tree next to the dumpster. Yes, many shots of people walking as well as dumping their trash. Time to take out the trash? Smile. Well, I heard the noise in the tree and beat the shutter function back into the house.
Last night, I took out the camera again and this time used the porch on the second floor of the house. No elk up there. (that was a neighbor’s guess) The same procedure was being performed when I obtained the following shot:

I bounded back into the house like a 6 year old at Christmas. Look at this! With the marvel of the internet, I get to share it with all of you. Have a pleasant rest of the day.