I noted previously how this blog is a part of enjoyment and as such is low on the priority ladder. Low on the priority ladder is the best way to describe the media coverage of facts regarding leftist hate crimes my lack of blogging in this past week. It is amazing the numbers of calories one can ingest. There is an easy increase to whatever has been consumed. Since 0, this one hasn’t been as prevalent, but if one needs more income, work a bit more – part time job – and “wala” more money. If you need an increase in the store of knowledge, there are books available and given time to read – let the stimulation of dendrites commence. But mention time, and I haven’t found a way to increase its supply. When project pile, all I know to do is drop the lowest priority, start on a project and get through it. So another song is done, the fishtank stand has been delivered, I have a part in the mail to hopefully get this computer lighting project going, and we have been shopping for real estate. I have found some time to sleep. That one just sort of creeps up on me even when I’m trying to be occupied with something else. Well, I have to get busy with this day’s stuff, so may the rest of your day go pleasantly.