I have experienced some mild mouth discomfort for a period of time. This occurred to the lower right molar and my normal treatment was to increase the flossing for a period of time before lapsing back into the normal once a day brushing. Any time the gums or teeth bother, it’s always a simple brushing that will remedy the situation. Usually. This lower right location has been bothering for some time, and especially this last week. I had to start chewing on the left side and started walking around with one of those floss-picks in my pocket to get out any foreign or domestic matter that would take up residence in that area. Yesterday, I finally made up my mind – my irritation meter had redlined again – and I decided to call the dentist for my twice a decade cleaning. After some typing and clicking, I found the list of agency supported providers, printed off the list, and started asking around the office for ideas of who to call.
As a side note: I am a psych major and one thing discussed in class was the white-collar professionals with the highest rate of suicide. You know to whom I’m referring. The professor asked, “does anybody here like to go see the dentist?” Obvious looks ensue. “They know it too.” It must be something to get into a profession where no one wants to see you. Even police get the joy of kids smiling and waving while they take the perp to the back door. Mom leans down, “Honey, he’s busy right now. He’ll see you later.”
I can’t think of even the kids liking this half hour. My crew tolerated it reasonably. I was blessed. Mom likes to tell me that my first experience was to watch dad get his teeth cleaned and then my they placed me in the chair and a crowbar would not have opened my mouth. The next visit was under medication.
Back to the present. I picked from the set and descriptions given, and called the one who had Saturday hours. Quite convenient actually. I think that’s a great marketing scheme – being open when the customers are not having to be at work and use vacation time. Well, it worked for me. I bought that marketing and made my appointment. Time to get busy at regular work.
Half an hour later I felt some grit in my mouth like heavy sand. My tongue produced some interesting pieces and I saved them on some tape. That’s when my tongue discovered this was not a leftover from lunch where the bologna didn’t get filtered enough, it was part of my molar in the spot that had been bothering. I called back the dentist office and said, “Umm, the front of my molar just fell off.” They will note my chart. It didn’t hurt, as long as I didn’t chew on that side, but did feel weird as a sharp corner has no place on the side of a tooth.

It just struck me interesting that the tooth didn’t fall apart until thirty minutes after I had obtained the dentist appointment. God does have a sense of humor.