It has been a month in coming, but the dongle has arrived. This is the little unit that plugs into the USB port and on the other end has a three prong plug to connect to the relay/dimmer unit for the lights. I already tried one dongle, without success, and had the gift of much frustration and loss of time. So with joy that it arrived and apprehension of the unknown ability of this new piece of hardware to operate, I set about the installation. A few tries later, it finally was recognized by the computer – definitely NOT plug and play. So now I have a computer with a program that allows light direction, dimming, on, off, flicker, to a time line, the dongle transmitting this information to the relay box which controls the lights that have been set up to receive instruction from this new program. Just a moment on the lights. The average 100 watt lightbulb puts out about 750 lumens. The lights on top of my desk are 100 watt halogen rated at 1400 lumens each. That is 2800 lumens in our bedroom on top of the desk. What to do with this. That question was answered by spouseinbox with the statement – “You’re not going to wake me up with that.” (pause) What a great idea. I can simulate a sunrise. Why not? What else can I do with 2800 lumens in a small space?
Well, I figured out the settings to perform the feat, but have held off on implementing it as there is this thing about marital harmony which I wish to keep singing in key – but it was a fun thought. 🙂