I have been reminded anew the power of a single phone call, or in this case, the text. We were on our last leg of a long weekend in San Antonio and were preparing for the return trip when the text arrived that a relative had been transferred, unresponsive, to the hospital. We as nurses, started considering our calendar and anticipated the following text which rewrote our week. Now instead of 4 days of catchup work as the price for the long weekend, we have a day and a half to do whatever possible before hitting the road across Texas to a viewing, then part way across Texas in a different direction for another viewing and the next day a funeral. The last good byes. The hope of hellos with lack of suffering, bad joints, and no more diabetes. The hellos of relatives who said goodbye previously present to greet their newly arrived child. The sadness and hope of those of us left to hug and cry while we say good bye and hope for future glory again where this parted one will be awaiting our own arrivals with bright hugs and a hearty “welcome home.”