Credibility is important to preserving the peace. Deterrence is based on credibility. Money is based on credibility. A lot of force or coercion is made unnecessary because of the credibility in the fairness of a system.

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One thing that will preserve our system, within reason, will be the application of law. This present regime has proven time and again that the law means nothing to them. With theft on a national scale embodied by Corzime and corruption in the highest offices staggering the imagination, there is only one way to reverse this trend – from my way of thinking. For those contemplating the continuation of this process, here is an excellent article describing the process and possible ramifications. For those pushing for the reverse gear, application of law is the best route.

When laws are partially applied, or designed such that application is relative to the authorities in power, the population assumes the illegitimacy and eventually disdain for law. This is my personal interpretation of the poor driving habits I have experienced as more common recently as opposed to decades ago when I started driving. (OK, not that many decades) I see this as the drivers reacting to the intrusiveness pervasive in the rules on vehicles presently combined with the lax and partial application of rules. I watch my speed for the exclusive reason of not contributing voluntarily to the tax system. My last ticket was on the outside of a small town. When at the video store to rent the ticket removal video course I discovered that the city moved their boundaries one mile into the country to catch individuals not paying attention to the exact sign positioning. “I’m out of the city, so time to get back to highway speed.” “Thanks for your contribution to our town.” How many of these incidents are required to produce an irritation/anxiety of the city police? See one and then be thankful that they left you alone. Expand this thought to all the bureaucracies the feds have designed and then exempted themselves.

The payback of obammacare to the unions was simple – they got exempted from costs until about 2018 and companies who were supportive of the regime received exemptions from the law. This means that those supportive of corruption get a lower cost of operation than their competitors. Chicago way? The reverse of this is to apply the law as intended – to everyone and start with those at the top. About 18 years ago, there was an article in Reader’s Digest about a sheriff in North Carolina (I believe). The point of the article was how good he was at reducing crime and restoring the city and started with two points. First, the police had to dress and act professionally – according to the rules. Secondly, the police were to catch the criminals – no matter what skin color. The effect was incredible.
Isn’t it amazing how the effect of properly applied law improves the situation? That is the reverse gear we need to apply. If your congress critter doesn’t fill that bill, replace him/her. This also applies to locales. Once criminals know the law will apply to them – by experience of history, behavior will change.