During lunch, the restaurant blessed us with the presentation of the communist news network. The one saving grace is that the sound was off, and closed caption was running. Interestingly, according to the advertisements shown, the choice for 2012 was all democrat. No Republican made the advertising ranks. Later, they did try to retain a modicum 1of credibility and note that most of zero’s promises were broken. Their chart showed only 38% kept. I guess that was the bankrupting coal and pushing homosexuals. Coming this evening is a program where they promise to present the president as in his job and the man. There won’t be a single question applicable to reality, so I decided to start my own set here:
1.) Does the application of executive privilege in Fast and Furious indicate you were involved with with presentation of arms to the drug cartels?
2.) When are you going to release your college transcripts and admission data from Columbia?
3.) Since your political career started in Bill Ayres’ living room, what is your relationship with him?
4.) What was your Constitutional authority to demand 20 billion dollars from BP?
5.) What was your Constitutional authority to alter the administration of immigrant laws and not enforce that which was written in law?
6.) What is your Constitutional authority to not enforce the Defense of Marriage Act as a duly passed law?
7.) Your presentation of American Exceptionalism announced to the world that you don’t believe America is exceptional. Is there any other country in the world that you could have had this level of political success?
8.) Your campaign has continuously harped on the rich having too much money. If that money is taken from them, who will hire the middle class workers?
9.) Is there any way to make money, or is it simply something that is exchanged continuously across the population?
If it is simply exchanged, How can economic growth occur?
10.) What is the purpose of the Executive Order?
11.) Is a felony a requirement for your top advisers?
12.) Are there any jobs best done by private individuals?

I don’t believe a single of these questions will be asked and of course won’t watch. From their viewer specs, I’m in good company.