Every time someone is allowed to misuse a word without being corrected, allowed to spread its misuse, society becomes stupider. And that, dear reader, is especially dangerous in a society governed via any elements of democracy. People who do not even have the words to express themselves with clear and full meaning will not be able to rule themselves wisely… or chose wisely when selecting/electing those they represent.

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I would also add that every time some so-in-so walks around with their pants around their knees to “bless” us with seeing their underwear, society is debased. (clothes mentioned later in the article)
Just one point made by Neal Bortz: African-American denotes nationality, black-American denotes race. How’s that for distinction? How many using those terms understand the difference? My personal belief is that the public school system is specifically designed to turn out ignorant followers (see Underground History of American Education) and the news media takes gleeful advantage of ignorance insulting those of us who have enough proper knowledge to know what they are really saying. There’s just another reason to stay away from the Main Stream Propagandists. (MSP)