I note a more expansive history mentioned and a confrontation without advocating carpet bombing. Since I’m on the subject, realize the reply from the congress-critter mentioned holding a few millions in response. Are we supposed to be that stupid to not know the difference between 21 million and 1 billion? GRRRRR! That 979,000,000 could buy quite a few 500 pounders. (You can see why there is no way I could be president.)
* from the letter: “Currently, the House Appropriations Committee has placed $2.7 million of assistance to Libya on hold until a thorough investigation is conducted of the terrorist attack and those that are responsible are brought to justice. Also, as of September 13th, Congress has placed $18.3 million of aid to Egypt on hold.”
That still leaves 979,000,000. See I can do some math, even with extra zeroes.
Just for kicks and grins, I’m going to try and find a link for what we are paying these murderous so-in-so’s.
Showing how much they support our interests overseas – rather how they support our enemies.
Here is a link about Libya.
Here is a link to NBC, if you can trust what they present. Don’t forget they are part of the MSP.
Here is an interesting history to show the difference between responses of Reagan and our present (I want to use certain adjectives or descriptions here, but am trying to be nice) congress-critters. Note that in the ’80’s, we cut off their money and bombed them. We didn’t continue sending them tax-payer money obtained, incidentally, at the point of a gun. For anyone wanting to argue my point of “the point of a gun,” just don’t pay your taxes and see what the large man is wearing when he shows up at your door. The earnings of our work are taken from us, and given to our enemies who kill our citizens. Remember this in November.
Here are the names of the only 10 who wanted to support our interests and cut foreign aid to our enemies. Shameful for the senate.