September 2012

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I have been working on Samson for almost 2 years. The project has seen progress and lighting is part of the recipe. That being the case, I am looking for two light stands which can hold 4 lights each. These are to be wired in pairs so that 4 portions of the stage each have a light from each side. I found some halogen lights which were dimmable and worked with the software as well, but was lacking the stands to hold the lights – until 4 days ago. A couple of doors away, down the alley, were two trash cans holding the prettiest bent metal I had seen in quite a while. Placed out front, it could have sufficed for modern art. My guess is that the wind took apart a gazebo and the bent skeleton was greeting me in the alley. Wow. All the poles, connecting rods, screws, and lock nuts, as well as plastic reinforcers for each joint. The following night I pulled apart all the joints and separated the parts into what may be workable for the stands and after about 4 hours work, I had a foldable light stand which would extend up to about 12 feet. Yea! and all it cost me was about 4 hours work. Imagine the amount of time/work required to buy the metal and screws – with after tax money, of course. Well, tonight was the night for the second and final stand. I had to match a couple of legs, switch around a bit and all was looking well until the last bolt. Yes, I was down to the last bolt when there were no more available long enough to finish the project. grrr. It’s a bit frustrating to be this close – (fingers held really close, of course) and not be able to finish. Oh well, I’ll have to buy a bolt tomorrow and finish the stand. For a bolt being the only financial expenditure in this portion of Samson, I will accept this gift of God. 🙂

This isn’t politically correct. It isn’t diplomatic. It is what it is. We don’t need them, they need us. A little education is a wonderful thing.

Every time someone is allowed to misuse a word without being corrected, allowed to spread its misuse, society becomes stupider. And that, dear reader, is especially dangerous in a society governed via any elements of democracy. People who do not even have the words to express themselves with clear and full meaning will not be able to rule themselves wisely… or chose wisely when selecting/electing those they represent.

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I would also add that every time some so-in-so walks around with their pants around their knees to “bless” us with seeing their underwear, society is debased. (clothes mentioned later in the article)
Just one point made by Neal Bortz: African-American denotes nationality, black-American denotes race. How’s that for distinction? How many using those terms understand the difference? My personal belief is that the public school system is specifically designed to turn out ignorant followers (see Underground History of American Education) and the news media takes gleeful advantage of ignorance insulting those of us who have enough proper knowledge to know what they are really saying. There’s just another reason to stay away from the Main Stream Propagandists. (MSP)

who will inherit the 15 trillion debt:
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Mominbox was watching the news on NBC, and I was fussing at the tube, so left the room. It was interesting that during this presidential campaign where the numbers for the economy are horrible, an increase in the hotel price is presented as a rebound in the economy. Sorry, the increase in the price is because of the weakness of the dollar. Let’s see THAT report…
I know, no breath being held for the MSP. (Main Stream Propagandists) I was born at night, just not last night. (grumble, grumble)

Dear sir:
I am writing about our recent attacks on the embassies in Africa. The fact that they are on another continent doesn’t remove the fact that the embassies are considered sovereign ground and as such this was an act of war. Now remains the response of gentile people. The Secretary of State has offered an apology for something about which she had no control and provided an additional evidence that we are a country in decline. The simple analogy is to the bully in elementary school. What finally made the bully stop? Giving in to each demand and apologizing for making him mad after receiving that last black eye? Wasn’t it the little shrimp of a kid who had enough and fought back? Our country has endured hostages in Iran, Kobar Towers, Cole, Twin Towers – twice, three attempted hijackings that were stopped by the passengers – not the TSA, thank you very much, and now a coordinated attack on two embassies.

What is at battle here are two ideologies. Ours with a history of promoting personal freedom and responsibility with the potential of personally poor choices, and theirs with a history of lies, violence, and coercion. Let’s say your wife had put up a struggle and finally dies. In the midst of your grief, you find the impulse to take one more sexual session before she gets cool. Repulsed? Disgusted? This act was officially approved by this ideology this year. We are not similar. They do not have our best interest at heart. The “…shores of Tripoli” was written about our navy fighting their forebears in a similar location on this globe in 1805. What was the cause of that conflict? We stopped paying the duty demanded for safe ship passage, and decided to fight. Their presentation was that because we are not muslim, they have the right to demand payments and servitude from us. Does that sound like an ideology with which we can have meaningful dialogue? That sounds like an ideology of which to beware and keep at bay at every opportunity possible.

We have a president who shuns conversation with a allay and meets with a known terrorist. He needs clear announcement that this people won’t stand for his behavior. You are an equal power in government, have been charged with declaring war by the Constitution. As such I am writing to you that my intention as a citizen be known. We have funded these two countries to the tune of billions of dollars and receive an act of war as appreciation. It is time to act appropriately: remove all funding from muslim nations generally, and specifically Egypt and Libya in particular. Demand repayment of all loans. Demand handing over of all the groups that declared ownership for this act and once that is not done, declare war and carpet bomb them. Yes, I said carpet bomb them. It was the women who celebrated in 2001. It is the women who train new terrorists. It was the women crying during this last attack, “we are Usama.” If they want to be Usama, let them. We need to offer the same fate. Partial warfare is a poor approach to deal with the real problem which is their ideology. Once they cry “uncle”, only then do we stop turning their land into glass and set the terms understanding that this is an ideology taking pride in lies to anyone not within their group. Thank you for your time.

A citizen of this country and one who hired you by my vote,

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