I have a couple of conversations I wanted to relay:
Background: I work in a home health office where we are in advance of the government’s mandate to make all medical charts electronic access. This has the purpose of making it easy for the bureaucrats in Washington to access all of your private information without the trouble of actually coming to Texas. I digress, but back to the subject. The operation involves placing each order, paper, communication separately on the scanner and creating a file. Then we have to rename the files – individually, of course – and electronically attach them to the appropriate patient files. (every doctor office is either doing this, or will be doing this) It is a tedious time consuming process and I had the stack of stuff ready to scan when entering the room to find a coworker present at the same unit.
(coworker) Oh, I’m almost done.
me: take your time.
Co: I still have yesterday’s to get to
me: (holding stack to one side and open palm to the other) scanning, or dentist?
Co: (thought for a moment) at least the dentist has Novocaine.


Spouseinbox and I were having supper at a pizza place which also had hot wings available. I was near the wing plate.
Sp: would you pass me a wing?
me: (grab the closest one)
Sp: no I want a wing
me: (look at the plate and think – they are all wings)
Sp: You have the humerus, I want the radius and ulna.
me: OK (then grab the appropriate selection)
It makes a difference when one speaks the appropriate anatomy at the dinner table.