(As I start working on this again, another day is past.) Every day is different. Some, more than others. For the moments I have wondered if God is with us on this new house deal, I have an experience to relate. The driveway was not to standard per the builder and he had it torn out, last week. That left the ground as the only thing between the curb and the garage. I have the desire to add a water softener to the house, but the water enters the house at the center on the opposite side of the driveway as the softener would be located. When the bare ground reappeared, I sent a query to the realtor to ask the builder if it would be all right for me to bury three pipes – 2, 1 inch water and a 3/4 inch conduit. The realtor said he would ask, but not to anticipate any results. About two hours later, my phone rings and the realtor asks if I was sitting. “Yes.” I got permission as long as the pipes were 15 feet away from the property line and finished by 1700 today. That meant yesterday evening was the only opportunity to work. By the way, I did tell the relator that I had prayed for the situation and was not incredibly surprised as the realtor was. Anyways, the rental places left me cold and Home Depot lost me. I placed a rental order as they had the only short rental times available and informed them that I would get off by 1700 and be there as soon as possible. As it worked, I was allowed off work early and was to Home Depot 5 minutes early. I requested my trencher and was informed that they would put my request in a list for the unit to return. Upon informing them that there was one on hold, I was told that it was already rented and should be back by 1900. Mind you the sun is setting by then, and the store closes at 2100 meaning I would be charged a full day rental for their mess-up. To add a bit of salt, the worker asked my name and noted the same name on the counter – with contact information. I just wanted all of you to know the customer service available at Home Depot.
I went to Lowe’s and bought a digging bar and spouseinbox joined me for the next three hours of digging the trench by hand. Bandaids are in place now, and it’s not easy to type as the hands are sore and muscles tight, but by golly, the pipes are buried and ready for a new driveway on top.

Upon arriving home again, I didn’t feel like eating much and made a cheese sandwich. Spouseinbox mentioned the debate going on, and I turned on the box to see if they were still performing. Zero was talking, and making some point about moving heaven and earth to get Bin Ladin. Interesting, I remember him turning down 3 possibilities of getting Bin, before finally allowing the job. He then retorted to Mitt how he had gone to Israel and described a trip to the Holocaust museum as if that was the equivalent of a diplomatic trip, and part of his apology tour that Mitt was referencing. I had to leave at this point, before verbal utterances emitted. I have a memory. There was the snub of Netanyahu at the whitehouse dinner, passing over him to get questions from the fawning ladies at the View. Why pass up praise to deal with hard reality? Grrrr! When one can’t pass up praise for reality, one needs a different line of work.

Music is marching along. There is a new song in the works which will make a gift for this Christmas for a relative. 🙂
I find creating this quite enjoyable and a break from the tension of our country’s destruction. I have found that breaks are needed when looking at all the junk being done under our noses. It helps maintain sanity. Then I can again look at the stress inducing news like: We are seeing an emergence of Hitler’s youth again.
Anyone with a small honest approach to history will see this one coming and know the next steps.
From a comment in the e-mail:
My thought on this, they are specifically picking 18-24 year-olds, and after that, the person involved will presumably go along in his/her life, with a $5,550 award for student loans or tuition. However, missing from this is any mention of the NCO or Officer Corps which will guide, and direct the actions of these people, and a promotion path for these youth, into the NCO or Officer ranks. Since they aren’t mentioned, and since they will fall under FEMA, and ultimately, DHS, I have to assume the bureaucrats in those agencies, under Obama, will be directing these youth. Also, by targeting them when very young, and then getting rid of them, FEMA & DHS insures that no “Organizational History” will develop, and be transmitted from older to younger members. Or stated another way, the DHS & FEMA bureaucrats will be the “Organizational History & NCO/Officer corps” and these FEMA youth corps, will be cannon fodder, to do whatever Obama & DHS wants.