I have noted many discussions about Zero using the excuse of the video when he clearly knew it was terrorist planned attacks in Benghazi. The talking heads have mentioned wanting to divert attention and downplay the importance of the event, say that he was simply assessing information, and other excuses to cover egregious actions that would have had any other president tarred and feathered. The one item not mentioned is the first amendment. Think back how many times this government restriction was claimed as a problem. Hillary mentioned it, the rep to the UN mentioned it, Zero mentioned it. This leads me to think they were trying to use this attack as a starting point to remove our freedom of speech. Do I think they could repeal the first amendment? Of course not. This ideology survives by providing its enemies (us) a thousand cuts and death thereby. I think besides not wanting to offend is brothers, the muslims in Afica, Zero wanted to begin removal of another of our gasping for last breath, cherished, freedoms.