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“President Obama is refusing to comply with the law that requires him to publish forthcoming regulations because he doesn’t want the American public to know the terrible cost of the regulatory barrage he plans to unleash in a second term,” Inhofe said. “So instead of being honest with the American people about what’s in store if he wins, he’s been trying to hide the fact that he intends to move forward with a slew of rules that will destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs and dramatically raise the cost of energy on American families.”

Inhofe, also last month, released a report stating the Environmental Protection Agency has delayed action or “punted” on numerous regulations while Obama tries to “earn votes” for a second term

I don’t want to wrap my mind around the concepts that would allow someone to vote for more of this. Spouseinbox read something off the I-phone this evening on the way home (hint, I have no idea its origin) “When one has a flat tire, you change immediately. You don’t drive on it four more years to see if it will get better.”