I have accomplished a task. Yea! It has been in the neighborhood of two months that I have been working on a spotlight system that would operate under the control of the computer. I finished the second light bar today and the extension cord yesterday, so the system is now complete, excepting a carry case for everything. All told, there is a converter that plugs into the computer, an extension cable for the signal to the dimmer/relay box, the dimmer/relay box, extension cord for 4 circuits, two folding stands, two light bars with adjustable light sockets. I can now set up the spot lights in 4 pairs with a light from each side projecting to each of 4 locations across the stage. That will allow the computer to run the lights, play the video and all we have to do is sing and move to the appropriate locations of the stage when the lights activate. Since I haven’t run it yet, all that’s there is a hope that this will look “cool”. We’re planning on setting up in the church gymnasium next week to try out all the equipment. I’m looking forward to next Sunday.