Last week is over. That’s the best I can say for it. We all know about the election, and I feel like part of the week I was going through the grieving cycle. Yes, the grieving cycle. That set of emotions and thoughts which one experiences when losing a loved one. In this case, we lost the country. There are those who would say that it’s just an election and the people chose who they wanted. Let’s look for a moment at the presentation. Zero offered violations of the 10th commandment at every turn. If you have something more than your partner, it’s due them. Let’s cut to the bottom line. Zero was offering envy. It was accepted. This is the first time in our country’s history where the idea of the country having the ability to be rewarded for one’s labor was trumped by the idea that I should have my proceeds existing from my labor removed by the government and given to someone else. Of course, that idea has existed here even before the country was founded. Remember the Plymouth colony? They almost starved to death running that way.
I was with a patient the day before the election and the realization occurred that the election was the next day. The family there noted that they had to vote for the president. Then the question was asked who was running. Their answer was the president and some rich guy. Some rich guy who doesn’t care about the rest of us folks…the propaganda worked. The MSP had done their job and the concept that if you wanted wealth, work for it was replaced with the idea that someone who worked for their wealth should be despised and have it removed.
How about you talking vaginas? Offensive? Not enough to keep you from voting about 2 to 1 for the one offering that characterization of you. The desire of the female now is someone else to pay for their contraception, and kill their baby if the “protection” fails. The females bought free sex. That was what was broadcast and the votes spoke.
Rule of law? How about that idea for all the Hispanics here illegally and voting. (don’t kid me. That’s the reason this regime opened the door.) The other day, Rush even noted how food stamps were advertised on Mexican soaps.
We now have a population embracing socialism and a regime pushing for communism as quickly as possible.

Is that to broad a characterization? Look at the actions. Look at Zero’s mother. Look at his chosen partners. Is there anyone there with the concept of free will and responsibility for actions? Is there any one there with a respect for the rule of law? Hatch act, Defense of Marriage, Immigration – all these were laws. Where was the respect for law in this regime? But more than that, it was the idea that the population desired this now which made me realize the end had come.

On to other items: Tuesday morning was a bit more than an election for me. Last week was my first back in the field of home health. I am no longer assigned to the office and will drive around and see patients all day. At the beginning of my day, actually during the first visit, I started having some neurological symptoms that can be described best like the side effects of a lortab. For any of you who have had the experience, you know what I’m trying to describe. I wasn’t quite dizzy, unless I tiled myself forwards and back, but had a floaty not quite stable feeling. The work was still being done, so I pushed on as I had to vote and then get to the dentist. The vote was simple and quick after which I went to the dentist where everything changed. As the normal procedure, they took my blood pressure. The girl then took it again. The she moved the cuff to the other arm. Then she directed me to be sure my hand was open and the cuff was across my chest. The she changed the cuff and tried another unit. All told, I think my BP was taken about 10 times and each was in the ball park of 160’s over 90’s. And I was symptomatic. That’s when the detective says, “Sarge, I think we have a clue.” I started texting; Uhhh, boss, I think I need to be seen, can you free up some visits? My schedule was cleared, and I went in to the walk-in clinic where they manually checked it at 171/110. Yikes! I am now a hypertensive patient with a scheduled visit with a cardiologist pending and blood pressure meds started. You know what really stinks? I’m a nurse who has to preach to patients constantly about their medications. Now I have to perform the same task. Also, I have no excuse for not doing or forgetting.
So, I endured three days of side effects which I won’t recount here. I’ll just note that I made it through and now can say it’s a new week. The sun’s coming up soon, and we are going to practice Samson this afternoon with all of the untested or partially test equipment. It’s going to be a good day. As for the government, I’m just going to start calling for impeachment, not that I’m holding my breath or anything like that. It’s just the right thing to do, and someone has to maintain the concept that laws matter.