We got to have a walk-through of the new house on which we will be closing Monday. Then comes moving. My back is already sore from the thought. Oh well. Part of my consideration of the previous post was the knowledge of the taxes I will have on this property. There will have to be a budget item of three figures each month to cover the taxes on this place. I had to ask, “how is this different from rent?” Well, I have to do the maintenance if anything goes wrong, so the ability to call up the owner for maintenance issues is gone. If I don’t pay rent, the owner comes and kicks me out of the house and gives it to someone else. That is identical to the situation of taxes, so do I really own the house, or do I rent this property from the government with the knowledge that as long as I pay them what they ask, I will receive their protection from any other private party wanting my property (unless it can be built into a condo, at which point Kelo reigns). To me, this is the same as rent and as such speaks to the concept that we don’t really own anything in this country. We are just paying continual protection money to the biggest mob in the area.