I had a most productive pleasant day, and it had nothing to do with shopping. In fact, I did not leave the house. No crowds. No trampling. No fighting for the last box of *whatever*. Down right pleasant. Though, the level of production more than made up for the difference sales would have provided. Let’s back up for a moment and note that spouseinbox and I are at the in-law’s house for Thanksgiving. This is a couple for which finding something for Christmas is always a challenge as they are well set up in their abode. Both of their garage door openers died and that left me an idea. How about an early Christmas present? Spouseinbox agreed to the idea and then we ran it past the parents in question. Once I figured out that both were dead, we agreed to work on one so at least one of their doors would work. Yea! One Christmas present done. When we arrived here, it was asked if there was a possibility to combine the two broken openers and create a single working one as the broken parts were diverse. I took off one of the units and pulled it apart to discover that the gear would indeed be available with the removal of the split pin through the shaft. The second opener had a chewed up gear and performing the same task allowed the gear to take up its place and solve the problem on the second unit. That left adjustment and mounting the new opener we picked up from the local retail outlet.
I worked on the newly fixed old unit first, and with adjustment got it working, and then turned attention to the new install. This fit on the old wall bracket, but was slightly longer, and the ceiling railings were extended to accommodate the new length. The old eyes worked on the new unit, though the push-button wire had to be replaced and once adjustments were done, we had two working garage doors. Total time 5 hours. Total savings – one opener plus two installs. I think that more than made up for any black-Friday sales offered. 🙂