December 2012

I do home health. That means that the nursing visit takes place in the environment of the patient. Let your mind wander at that thought, because there is a likelihood, that I have done a visit there. Car port, porch, bathroom, bedroom, living room, couch – (I don’t remember doing a visit in a hallway though) and with all of the creatures that occupy these premises as well. That would include birds, dogs, cats, and chickens that I can remember right now. There was one particular visit where the patient was seated in a recliner and I was checking the heart and lung sounds. During this time, it is customary to concentrate on the beats, the possibility of murmur, irregular beats, crackles during inhalation, wheezes, and whatever else the sound universe decides to present. My job is to listen, and evaluate what is heard to decide if it requires further follow-up. What one doesn’t anticipate at this point is a soft furry rubbing and forward and backward motion in front of the ankle tickling my foot while I’m trying to decide what sounds are proper in this thorax. Yes, quite a bit of concentration. Yes, the cat was enjoying himself down there playing under my foot. I will accept a mark for finishing the auscultation without jumping. Thank you.

Another incident was a family gathering where I had to conduct the visit under the eyes of about a dozen relatives, half of which were under the age of 10 and had volumes to match. That one was a much harder auscultation as the background noise created quite a challenge to hear the quiet beats steadily saying, “I’m still here.”


I saw this article about the TSA finding guns and note their comment:

“the throughput is slowed down and a passenger that likely had no ill intent ends up with a citation or in some cases is even arrested.

The interesting omission was “terrorist”. Those in “security” aren’t looking for the “bad-guys”. These weapons don’t do anything on their own. A person has to use the tool, and the TSA is not looking for the person.

I read this article from a comment link.
Note how many items have already been implemented. This is quite sobering considering what life is happening presently.

I am on call, and as such have a rather busy day today. There is a lull between visits, so took the opportunity to indulge an a desert…
pie crust
Kidinbox was present when I tried to demonstrate how to make a pie crust – without a rolling pin. I used a smooth sided cup. It worked rather well. The rolling pin is still in a box…somewhere.

I assigned kidinbox to follow the back of the pumpkin can and make the filling. The result is as follows:
pie done

Now we just have to finish supper for the taste. Between now and then are the filled zucchini, mashed sweet potatoes, and baked turkey breast. As you might guess, I’m working up an appetite just thinking about them. The limitation of the internet is that the odors are mine to enjoy. All I can say is that it is as pleasant as the description.

from here:

Sadly, both parties are in league as well. A cut to those of use who actually work in the economy for a living, is something less than presently being spent. A cut to those removed from real economics is a lower than desired growth. There is no compromise between these two philosophies. One will win, the other lose.

from here.

“If the Los Angeles riots taught us anything, it’s that you’re a fool if you count on the authorities to protect you in times of civil chaos — in fact, at any time. In the end, only I can protect my family.”

“If you outlaw weapons, as so many squishy liberals yearn to do — well then, only the state and the outlaws will be armed. Which leaves ordinary citizens at the mercy of an all-powerful government and a variety of merciless criminal subcultures.

When Hitler and Stalin snatched power, one of their first moves was to outlaw private gun ownership. They understood that armed citizens are a mortal threat to totalitarian rule.”

Totalitarian rule is the desire of the present ruling class and usage of any crisis towards that purpose is their plan. The second amendment was written by people who understood governmental force and the need to oppose it. Hunting wasn’t on their minds when writing it.

The last load of stuff has been taken from the rental house and brought to our new house. All that remains is some cleaning of carpets and mopping of a floor. Yea! It’s been a long month.

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