I had stuff in a single bedroom before getting married. Now I realize that the stuff had babies, and they apparently had grandbabies and now we have to pick up and carrt all these progeny

Look at an item. Think back. At some time this item seemed like a good idea.

The nursing adage: Friends help you move. Real friends help you move dead bodies. We had friends, and no dead bodies…excepting some bugs here and there.

At church: “I saw you with two trailers and four cars in a line. Were you moving.” Yupperdoodle.

This new house was a new built house. It’s interesting to try and turn on electric service when the company says your street doesn’t exist.

I thought I had a sore back before moving the boxes – anticipatory pain. The real pain decided to match my expectation.

Staying busy from waking to sleep DOES tend to lower the withdraw symptoms of lack of internet.

It is kind of cool to screw something to a wall, or knock a hole in the garage wall and know that I answer to no one (except spouseinbox, of course) for that action.

Going through the books on the book case, “I think I actually read this one at some time.” I haven’t a clue what’s in it now.” (not that it’s changed, of course)

Lack of grass makes yard care really easy. Free mud makes floor care more involved…

I see two outlets here. If I plug in whatchamacallit here, and thingamobob there, where will I put doodad?

A pantry. What a cool idea. Now do we put only food in there, or a mix of food and kitchen wares? Considering the varying heights of the adults involved, what gets put where? If I put this here, is that all right with you? Yes, but that makes room for ‘Y’. …

While on the garage floor putting together the garage door opener. I saw our first spider.

Neighbors come in three flavors: Come see my place. Mi casa, su casa. Glance with a nod.

Trash was put out but the bags were left there. Per a neighbor, on the house side of the curb is not proper placement of the bags. Set them on the other side of the curb and they will be taken. This advice was tested yesterday, and the bags are no longer there. (I thought this was Texas, not New York)

It is possible to install all the brackets for drapes on all this windows in one evening/night.

Back to the door opener. It’s really cool to stand there, push a button, and watch it work knowing that the two of us performed our first installation in this house.

New house, new sounds to which we must acclimate.

The bedroom is smaller, but the closet is bigger. I can almost put a chair in the closet. Actually, I’m really thinking of doing that so I can get dressed there without turning on the lights and waking up spouseinbox. Yes, the closet is that big.

We aren’t fully moved, and I’m already considering repainting rooms, or portions of rooms.

Where are the silverware?

Where is my coffee?

Did we bring over any plates yet?

What, over here, is edible?

It’s great to sit back after a long day, look at the crosses just placed on the wall, and say “that’s nice”.

My music room will take shape this afternoon. That’s the plan, and my hope. We still have to figure out how to get a piano through a door where the hallway is too short. This will be an interesting job. Have you ever turned a piano on end? Is it possible to set one on a dolly in that position and return it to normal operating position?

Why is it that mirrors screwed to the back of the dresser, and removed, don’t fit in the original holes? It’s not like the wood is growing any more.

I like spaghetti, with meat sauce, and garlic bread on the side. But when the spaghetti is the mass of wires under the desk connecting all the technology…just unplug everything and hope to sort it out later.

Yes, I know, certain power supplies go to certain products. That’s part of sort it out later. Right now, I’m typing on a laptop running on its last charge. That’s as far as my hookup has progressed. When the battery runs out…