I have found my charger, so am taking the opportunity to say ‘hi’ once more.  We are still moving.  Yes, back sore, and all the other attributes.  Siblinginbox had a thought quite apropos: you think rabbits multiply fast?  Just try setting two pieces of paper on a desk..
Well, we have had that and much more. 

On the horrific action occurring last week, I simply note that this is the application of evil.  Period.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Evil expressed provides pain, suffering, and death.  In the government, evil presents as gun running to gangs across the border eliciting hundreds of deaths.  It shows as denying aid to citizens asking for support in Benghazi.  It shows as a government demanding Christians and Catholics defy their moral beliefs and support abortion – with a designated dollar every month.  Evil is what was displayed.  The rest of the discussion is window dressing and distraction from other issues.  Speaking of that, what has the federal government doing lately, with all this attention in Connecticut?   I have been off line and somewhat away from the mess.  Actually, that part has been a nice break, though I’m sure it’s time to fuss at the congress critters again.