It has come to my attention that Wyoming is considering a bill to charge any gun-grabber with a felony.  I can’t agree more.  Further, let’s reestablish the 4th amendment in regards to confiscation of property related to drugs.  That excuse has been abused too long, and judicial action prior to any removal of property needs to be reestablished.  Next, I believe it is time to reintroduce a bill to protect our citizens from the abuses of the federal government in the form of the TSA.  Any contact needs to be appropriately initiated by a warrant and charges filed against TSA who abuse passengers.  As memory serves me, there was a threat to divert air traffic and a certain representative pulled the bill.  It’s past time to bring it back and let the nation know Texas respects its citizens and treats them in a proper manner.  I, for one, would like to see the feds try and divert air traffic.  Can you picture the explanation?  “Texas won’t let us abuse you, so we don’t want you to fly there.”  
The feds are now bearing the mark of Santa Anna.  Let’s fulfill the role or Texans.  The former battle had a cry of “remember the Alamo.”  I want to cry, “remember our freedom.” It will be entirely lost without a fight.