From here:

“When the Founding Fathers provided the press protections under the First Amendment”

Slight, but important quibble…

Our Constitution didn’t give anything to the “press” as that term is used in your piece. Not a bunch of “reporters” or “journalists”. Not a “profession” or trade.

But rather “the press”, as in the means of mass communication in the day of the Founders. This is a much broader and more democratic (small “d”) concept.

This is a common…and very convenient…corruption of the meaning of the 1st Amendment, and we should out it every chance we get.

That makes the blog world are area protected by the First amendment. Cool! Also, I found it interesting that the post office was listed there too, until I considered how important the Founders considered communication between citizens. Any disruption of citizen communication (internet controls) would be in direct violation of the spirit of our Founders.