Thank you for contacting State Representative ** regarding your support for further review on state gun rights and protection laws. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on this pressing issue.

On January 15th, Representative ** and Representative ** filed House Bill 553. This bill seeks to preserve the Second Amendment rights from any federal action which would confiscate, ban, limit, tax, or pertain to registration of firearms and their ammunition. I encourage you to keep track of this and other legislative issues that are important to you through the state’s legislative resource website: Here you can read the text of the bill, and follow it though the legislative process. In addition to this legislation, Representative ** looks forward to working with fellow legislators as a member of the State Sovereignty committee to ensure your rights as his constituent are being protected.

Thank you again for writing us, we truly welcome your input. If you have any further questions this session about this or other issues, please feel free to contact our office at the phone number listed below.

**I have looked up the text of the law and it is a good read. The history noted on the first section is worth the time. Go here for the PDF.