I have been chewing on the state of this nation, culture, and media for a time and had an idea. I will admit that there is a great risk with this idea, but longer term, may prove better. We have a narcissistic American hating thug in the White House who has no appreciation for the founding of this nation or design of its government. We also have a media preaching propaganda incessantly to a population poorly educated by a school system designed to produce followers and responders to stimuli. With the advent of the 17th amendment, the representation of the states was removed and congress became fully represented by popular election. Add corruption to the mix, and congress is now represented by those paid off by tax money to vote for the same individuals given a 9% approval rating – or less. Then return them to power with a 97% success rate. Personally, I think those stats are a result of the combination of the school system and the media influence. Bleak picture, I know, but what if we tried to return to the governmental setup of the founders? Remove the senate from popular control and represent the states in the federal government again? How would the senate behave if their jobs were not decided by buying votes with taxpayer money and having buildings and bridges named after a former clansman? (Byrd) How would it look if there was a house that was devoted entirely to represent their individual states as their presence was chosen by that state legislature and none other? The voter pandering would lose effect. They would be closer to judges in job position, and not fear the media opinion as much since the voters who the media target would no longer be able to decide their presence. Can you think back to the Clinton scandal and apply a senate not bound by public opinion on what they did with a popular president? They looked at the polls, called in the criminal, and offered that he keep his job as long as he played their game. (I actually heard this from Carl Rove in an interview) Interesting that this tidbit surfaced only a decade later…
What I am trying to argue is that a senate removed from popular vote would behave more like a senate should, and provide the balance needed in the federal government since states would have a say in legislation.

How do we get there? There are two amendments which would provide the key to this change. The first was the 17th to which I refer with the beginning of this article, and the other would be the 22nd. Propose that an amendment to remove both of them at the same time. The politics of this is that Zero wants to stay in the million dollar vacations permanently and the states would love to have a say in the government again. Combine the two desires and return the government at little close to the founders’ design. The risk, of course, is that we would have to put up with Zero a bit longer, but on the other hand, removal by impeachment would then be possible as the senate no longer would be relative to the general population, but to the state legislatures.