* I used to work in a facility having old individuals with bowel and swallowing problems. This is significant as one med assigned was miralax and administration was per swallowing thickened liquid to pudding thickness. Consider that miralax is the item used in a small amount for daily treatment and when mixed in a gallon, is the same wonderful treatment that causes complete bowel elimination in preparation for the scope. The med that causes liquification of contents is the same one supposed to be given in a pudding consistency.
I discovered a method to accomplish this feat. Take half a cup of applesauce and pour the miralax on the top. Do not mix. That will produce the same consistency that the med creates in the bowel. Carefully spoon a remainder of applesauce on top of the miralax and produce a parfait. Let this sit for a few minutes. Spoon to the pt without stirring and the applesauce thickness will remain.

* I believe I have seen the first human ostrich.
human pelican

* For the driver who was behind me on the highway, I do realize that the speed limit went up to 70 and I was doing 65. Hugging my bumper is the surest way to maintain that speed. I hold a point of pride that one who tailgates deserves to move slower and by the way, hand gestures are the surest indication of my success at increasing your stress level. Thank you.