I have had some crud for the past few days. I love those technical terms to describe feeling crappy, stuffy, general soreness, and the nasal river that has broken the dam. Let’s see: malaise, allergic rhinitis. I prefer my term – crappy. I think it provides a better description. Anyways, I decided to try an apply a seudoephedrine dam to my nasal passage and went to the pharmacy, since going to the doctor on Friday and getting a steroid shot only helped for a couple of days. The lady there asked how I was and – do you really want to know? I have some great terminology to describe it. I requested the seudophed and was informed that my ID was required. Yes, it is a state issue for me to have a cold and try to treat it. The lady apologized for the trouble and mentioned the regulations.
me: you realize this is a violation of the 4th amendment?
lady: what does that say?
me: a person shall be secure in their person, possessions and papers unless by decree of a judge who has to issue a warrant. (I know it wasn’t a perfect rendition, but got across the point.)
The lady agreed with my analysis, made in a crappy, drugged state. It’s amazing how simple our original laws are that even in my present state, I could provide a reasonable paraphrase.