I received a book in the mail from Siblinginbox. This was a short piece which was read in about 20 minutes. I recommend obtaining a copy and reading it. Period. It will be troubling. That is the point, from my perspective. It’s not that the subject is ballpark of Hitchcock, or discussion of pediatric illnesses. No, it is a book about the reeducation of our kids, and it’s happened in the past which makes it so troubling.
“the children’s story” by James Clavell about 19 pages into the story you will find:

“The New Teacher found the scissors and then they had to decide who would be allowed to cut a little piece off, and the New Teach said that because today was Mary’s birthday (HOw did you know that? Mary asked herself, awed) Mary should be alalwed to cut th epiece off. And then they decided it would be very nice if they all had a piece. The flag is special, they thought, so if you have a piece, that’s better than having just to look at it, ’cause you can keep it in your pocket.”

Remember how children were utilized to campaign for Zero last time? He was going to save the world. Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm
The government employees are no longer working for us, the citizens, or the United states. No, according to Hillary, they are working for Zero and are to do their best for him. The philosophy is chilling for anyone with a modicum of historical sense.