I have known for some time that the advertisement of an item was not like the real thing. Just look at the pictures of the burgers on a billboard and compare them to the wrapped bun in the bag. I have occasionally wanted to take a picture of one of them and go to the establishment and ask for the burger that “looks like this…”
Well, I went into a showroom last week to view their wares and found an item that presented itself very well. The appearance was pleasing, the application into environment seemed reasonable, and of course, spouseinbox would be pleased as this item was something desired for some time. Well, the item in question was actually a feline and the coat – sort of yellow tiger stripe. The presentation was a cat who was very affectionate – enough so that utilizing the phone was a problem. Yes: lick, lick, rub, rub, and not a sound. The eyes did not appear to have any Siamese, and so I thought the volume lack was a feature. Now that Jake is home, he has found his voice. Alarm goes off in the morning – buzz, buzz, (from the bathroom door) meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow… The affection is still there and I am typing this as he is in the bathroom as this activity is severely limited by paws on the keyboard or furry face in mine, but have to note that he is a very chatty fellow. Try to get on the toilet and be prepared to have company or at least a conversation. Turn off the water in the shower and be prepared to have company sampling the water in the drain – it must have a better flavor than the same water in the dish. Any string is fair game – a belt is a string…
He will also tell you about his observations. I guess. I don’t know cat yet.