March 2013

Remember Stalin?

Stalin abided by the old revolutionary precept of Nikolai Chernyshevsky, subscribed to by Lenin himself: The worse the conditions of the people, the better. And illegitimate power can only be preserved in a climate of such fear and terror, in an atmosphere of perpetual crisis in which an autocrat must exert his iron hand of order and eliminate the real or imagined “enemies of the people.”

There is a reason to have the economy stagnant, wars erupting in various places, and general lack of security in all quadrants.


Another more interesting look at gold. I have to wonder if the feds have gold stashed from the 30’s and how much. I have yet to hear anything confirmed. Anyways:

I have used this example before but it still makes a point of how this has worked out for us. In 1960 (when quarters had silver content) you could buy a gallon of gas with a quarter, however the government said that it wasn’t necessary to have a gold standard anymore because they would look out for us and regulate the value of currency (interpret, control us and the money) so through manipulation of the markets and money value (buying power) we now have gas around $3.60 per gallon. We bought into their cleverly devised scheme to ‘spread the wealth’ and thought it didn’t matter but the heat was gradually being turned up on the frogs and through inflation we are at this stage and because the more you earn and spend the more taxes you pay the government was the big winner especially considering the government still has all the gold they once had backing the dollar.

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Mominbox had pain to the wrist. I was informed of this in the early morning as I was heading out to work and offered the usual suggestions of cold packs and meds, one of which mominbox had already done. Through the texting I received, spouseinbox let me know she took mominbox to the walk-in clinic. We were guessing a brace and lortab. As things went forward, I was able to join the crew in the exam room as the nurse practitioner returned with notice that the x-rays would be read later and we would be called with the results. Next the pharmacy was chosen for the lortab (we smiled at each other) and a nurse arrived with an ace wrap. She wrapped the forearm up to the hand and then back down. Mominbox had a grimace from the procedure and as soon as the nurse walked out of the room we both stated within a 1/4 second of each other, “we’ll fix it.” Once home, we did.

Here is the bill.
Here is the sponsor with contributors.
The autocrats are trying their best to punish any hint of defying them. Let’s support our sheriffs and remove Yvonne at the fist opportunity possible – that means you in district 111.
For those of you not in Texas, you are not exempt. Look up your state and find out who needs support and which political animals need to be removed.

From here.

There is not a single shread of evidence that Adolf Hitler ever personally killed anyone outside of his service in WWI. Ditto for Charles Manson. It’s the things that were done by people under their influence and in their name that they are justifiably condemned for.

Why should Eric Holder be held to a different standard?

I bet you thought batteries were for I-phones, I-pads, cameras, cat toys, ect. I thought the same until I saw this medication list:
med list

I noted they didn’t even give the size, and other factors come to mind: AAA would probably be the easiest to swallow. I can’t see someone handling a D cell. Since alkaline are specified, are they better than carbon? What is the proposed benefit? How about side effects? I can tell you, I’m not thrilled with this therapy.

On balance, politicians showed again that they have little interest in legislation that can be viewed as eroding existing gun rights, although they are open to redefining who should have those rights to begin with.

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Of course, the political hacks falsely claiming to represent us an swear to uphold the Constitution seem to forget that part of “shall not be infringed.”
They are closer to D. Durbin saying that there are no absolute rights. They get to say what our rights are. Any challenge must come through the courts and only after a case, millions of dollars, and years of implementation.

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