What are my rights at various “checkpoints”?

This was an interesting detail of the various zones. At the zone where no rights are recognized, we have the highest level of incompetence and abuse. Surprise, surprise. (snort)

An agent got through Newark last week with an improvised explosive device? That’s not even news to anyone who works there. It happens all the time. (bold mine) The failure rate is pretty high, especially with federal investigators, and the pat-down itself is ridiculous. As invasive as it is, you still can’t find anything using the back of your hand on certain areas.

How about we save taxpayer money and remove the TSA? That would be a good starting point. After all, they were on the radio claiming that no bombs have gone on a flight since whenever. (smirk) I had kidinbox take a flight across country, arrived in far away state to discover a knife in the carry-on baggage. Understand that this was not one for opening boxes or cleaning under the fingernails. A knife. We packed it in the checked baggage for the return trip so as to not tempt fate. How many of these incidents have occurred? How many flights have the passengers rescued? I can think of three off the top of my head. We the people will respond differently and don’t need an abusive government focused on the battles of a decade ago using methods proven to fail. I have and will profile every flight I have taken since then and perform the task that the feds and specifically TSA refuse to do.

Sidebar: Kudos to Paul Ryan for including the starting point of removal of obammacare as necessary for the country’s budget. We need to keep thinking in that fashion – if they want to negotiate about budget or guns, what laws are they willing to remove? Let’s start talking at that level. Let Zero pay for his own vacations. The only taxpayer expense would be the secret service. Transportation would be out of his pocket. Do that and see how many flights Zero and spouse take to Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, etc. If they want to cut personnel, let’s start with the departments of education, EPA, and the extra 16000 agents for the IRS. That’s just for openers. I had better stop as I feel another soapbox starting. Have a pleasant evening.