There are two branches of islam. There is the shia and the sunni. They formed from the relatives or followers of mohammad when he died and like the mafia style families they formed, behaved in like manner. That is why there are certain factions at war within islam – each is trying to be the top family. Sort of sounds like Chicago gangs/politics doesn’t it? I have argued over the years that there is no difference in the philosophy of totalitarianism and islam other than a religious whitewash of the latter. The application of ideology is the same – force and death. Several years ago, there was an article noting interesting ties of Zero to Saudi Arabia and I thought I’d just take a moment to examine a point of history.
Zero bows to the Saudi king.
There were several more bows, but it has been argued that they were to cover for the first. Remember that there were two factions of islam, and the two fight like, well, whatever you want to pick that likes to kill.
I looked up Indonesia as it was mentioned that Zero grew up in the capital. I find it interesting to note that his early training corresponds with the branch of islam practiced by Saudi Arabia.
Could it be that Zero is repaying Saudi Arabia as well as weakening the United States by no allowing production of oil or shipping from Canada? There are a couple of objectives met with a single focus, if you look at him not as incompetent, but rather as a smart operator trying to inflict injury in agreement with his upbringing and training.