Mominbox had pain to the wrist. I was informed of this in the early morning as I was heading out to work and offered the usual suggestions of cold packs and meds, one of which mominbox had already done. Through the texting I received, spouseinbox let me know she took mominbox to the walk-in clinic. We were guessing a brace and lortab. As things went forward, I was able to join the crew in the exam room as the nurse practitioner returned with notice that the x-rays would be read later and we would be called with the results. Next the pharmacy was chosen for the lortab (we smiled at each other) and a nurse arrived with an ace wrap. She wrapped the forearm up to the hand and then back down. Mominbox had a grimace from the procedure and as soon as the nurse walked out of the room we both stated within a 1/4 second of each other, “we’ll fix it.” Once home, we did.