April 2013

I believe John Wayne was the character with the original quote, but am willing to stand corrected:
“You don’t drink downstream from the herd.”
That sounds like a reasonable concept, especially with the MSP (Main Stream Propagandists) in full force. Where ever they are spewing their bilge, stay upstream, or in a different stream. I can’t tell you what a shock it is to watch that stuff now that I have been away for a while. The reaction is almost immediate – sort of like the pthhhhh that naturally occurs whenever zero appears.


Here are a couple of excerpts of this article to whet your appetite:

It was the failure of the English Constitution which led to our first Revolution. It will be the failure of our own Constitution which will lead to our next civil war.

My only thought here is it’s not the failure of the Constitution itself, but rather the failure of the population to force their representatives to follow it that led to this mess. There is the reason for the pathetic education system that exists.

The fact that the “arbitrarians” win elections claiming “mandates” and have rigged the court systems to prevent their diktats from being overturned means nothing to people who, like the Founders, believe that their rights to liberty and property are God-given and inalienable. The most uncompromising of these are the Three Percent.

All over the world, state militaries are fighting non-state opponents, and almost always, the state is losing. State militaries were designed to fight other state militaries like themselves, and against non-state enemies most of their equipment, tactics and training are useless or counterproductive.

I woke up yesterday and got to wondering what to make for breakfast. We had eggs the previous day, and I wasn’t in the mood for something like pancakes or waffles. There were 5 eggs in the carton, and no fresh veges to make an omelet. So I decided to be different. I made a pie crust and rolled out pieces to fit into muffin tins. While doing that, I noted that there were some dried green peppers in the pantry as well as onion flakes. These were placed in a pan with water to boil and rehydrate. I also found some turkey sausage frozen and managed to cut off about 20% of the roll. This was put in a fry-pan while I beat the tar out of the eggs. I whipped them until froth formed across the surface, added the drained green peppers and onion and poured them into the pie crusts in the muffin tin. The sausage was place on top once finished and I put it in the oven at 375 degrees for an unknown proposed length of time. After about 10 min, the crusts were not browning, so I turned up the temp to 425 degrees. This helped them cook and the result is as follows:
After tasting them, I decided that cheese would have been a good addition. All in all, it was considered successful. 🙂

In what version of America is it even remotely okay for government employees to conspire to intentionally perform a particular task poorly, just to extract more money from taxpayers across the board?

– stopped correctly at a stop light, obeying the traffic rules, only to have the driver following almost run into your trunk?

– stood in an elevator without pushing a floor selection to see where it would go next?

– answered the social question “how are you?” with actual truthful information?

– done the Nestea plunge on a hotel bed?

– answered your phone like an answering machine?

– sprayed RoundUp on the yard of weeds to save the trouble of mowing them?

– touched a single hair on the back of a cat to see the twitch?

– climbed on the roof of the house just because it was there?

– crocheted Christmas gifts because finances were so tight?

– played with a recipe to discover a much better result?

– played with a recipe only to experience patience from the enduring family?

– looked at your pay stub to know how much the government is actually removing from you?

– leave a gift with the office of your spouse, just because?

– swam in a pool at a hotel while it was snowing outside?

– drove down a road just to see where it led?

– had the lowest point in your relationship being 113 feet under sea level in a submarine?

– tried squid pizza?

– woke up wondering why there was hair under the arm pit to finally get awake enough to recognize the cat?

– changed your route to work to avoid those stoplight cameras?

– bungee jumped? Twice? Commented to the operator about the sign on the fall bag asking- “Do you know Jesus?”

– responded to the cashier when they ask if you found everything – “no”. “What didn’t you find?” “A twenty.”

– asked a pharmacist if they had a bottle of sanity?

– asked if after taking vitals of a patient, could they can be returned?

– looked at a gaping wound and the only thing going through the mind was the character of the tissues, perfusion, lack of granulation, etc? Patient. What patient?

– told your kid not to bother with wounds until they are dripping, only to have that kid fulfill that request?

– said the “Q” word (quiet) and lived to regret it?

I have spent this week rather busy with work, overtime, home projects and being slightly inhibited by an action performed on Monday. I have a box for all my home visit supplies which I toss up into the truck. This time however, my aim was off and the steering wheel inhibited my arc making all that force end up at my ring finger. Yes, it yelled at me and I quickly took off the ring there as a preventive measure. This was a good action as the appendage did swell and hurt phenomenally for the next few days. I can now type, though it maintains its soreness. Coban has worked well in reducing the swelling. That said, I finished another costume this week by working on it as time allowed and being careful of the pressure points on that particular hand. Anyways, there are two more to go and the costumes will be finished. Yea!

I messed up. A Samson costume was supposed to be finished, but instead, I was sitting here ripping out a seam. Actually, I had two seams. The zigzag one was on the outside and a fine one inside as the cloth was one of those which liked to fray. That outside seam was easily picked with the seam ripper, but the second one on the seam itself required special treatment. I had used a fine stitch and it was too small for the seam ripper to rip. I ended up sitting here with a razorblade pulling the seam tight and cutting the thread between the pieces. The risk of doing it this way is that the fabric gets cut as well. It did, a little, but the task is done, and now I can sew it correctly. Talk about a bummer as my desire was to finish the costume last night. Anyways, while performing that task, I played a video from a blog – . I suggest you watch it and picture a nation full of this attitude. It is my contention that this nation was full of men. Men who would put up what they believed and dare the politicians to oppose them. The man has been lost to this culture, except a few examples popping up here and there to remind us what this country used to possess. Any of you who have boys, please homeschool them. We need more men in this country. What Mike shows is the reason schools are designed the way they are and medicate boys the way they do. It’s easier to corral a docile workhorse than a wild stallion. It’s easier to obtain the desired obedience and voting of those subdued. So I cheer Mike. May your attitudes have progeny.

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