I was thinking today about authority. The military and police have proscribed uniforms and hats recognizable to all. I remember an incident in a former city where a police was shot. The following officers got the perp and one was caught on camera with his hat off. He was mourning the death of his colleague and dealing with the moment of horror. He was reprimanded by his superior officer for daring to have his hat out of place.

When babies were born many decades ago, it was the parent’s joy to take them home, if they were not already there for the birth. This task was done by the parents as they chose, and usually involved dad driving and mom holding the new baby. Not so any more. When our kidsinbox arrived, we were required to have an approved car seat in the room where said child was properly strapped and carried to the car where it was properly installed. This was followed by the car seat and bike helmets. Don’t forget the seat belts, air bags, and each one of these was for “protection and safety.” Each one was “for the children.” Now we have reminder signs to get the kids out from the back of the car because the state has forced a separation from the parents which was not previously there.

As I was thinking on the subject, it got me wondering if the car seats, etc. were nothing more than the hat to that grieving cop- an acknowledgement that we are under authority of someone else. We are not free agents. It has little to do with the “safety of the children” and everything to do with training up a population used to the proscriptions of those in authority.