I received an e-mail from a former pastor. This individual was quite likable and of course, knew how to speak. I had an initial impression of support for the political office, and the went to look at a view or two. This individual applied a comment on Facebook saying: “It has little to do with govt size and more to do with who is president.” That really had me thinking. Imagine someone has an inoperable tumor. (I used to work on a chemo floor) Imagine this ball of cells was inside a person and feeding off the nutrients the person provides. That is the normal set up for a tumor, (after which having a membrane or not and the type of cells provides added interest and complexities.) The tumor has no normal use for the body and produces nothing for its presence. As it grows, the tumor takes up space normally reserved for organs and tissues of the body and starts applying pressure on areas not designed for the same interfering with the normal functions of the body simply by its presence. How big does one want an inoperable tumor to be? The government is identical to a tumor – it doesn’t produce anything, impinges on the normal functions of the country and feeds off the activities normally done by the citizens expanding its activities until those normal activities are inhibited and finally eliminated due to obstruction. At some point, the tumor has invaded the host to a point that the host ceases to be able to provide the energy for itself and dies.

I looked up this individual and discovered an op-ed in the local paper from last October. That seemed recent enough, and what interested me on the opinion was the determination that we did not have a problem with voter fraud in this country, and anyone wanting to enforce voter ID, was the equivalent of expecting Jim Crow laws to return. I could have hashed this quite a bit, but wanted to boil things down to a couple: how can Alan West lose in a county having extra votes and irregularities of counting without fraud committed? How can zero have a perfect 100% vote in counties in Penn – statistically impossible – without fraud? Lastly, for all those promoting the welfare and hardship on the poor, how do they cash their checks? If they have a bank account, at least 2 forms of ID are required to set it up. If they cash a check, at least a single form is required. Do the banks and stores discriminate and want to bring back Jim Crow for requiring ID on transactions?

Takeaway: just because an individual is friendly, a pastor, well acquainted with others and the material presented doesn’t make them a good politician. Voting for someone is declaring that their views need the backing of government power. A vote given is saying that opposing viewpoints need to be suppressed, because government is power, and those holding that power will exert their viewpoints on the rest of us through the mechanisms of government. That is why I cannot vote for this individual from whom I would gladly hear another sermon.