I have an announcement.
Hear ye! Hear ye!
Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Add whatever announcement you want to add. All the female costumes are now done. I just finished the last head-dress this afternoon. All I lack for the Samson costumes are three robes for Samson.

As for some of the details: the fabric was a yellowish stretchy blend that I remembered from a previous experience as hard to sew in a straight even line. Don’t forget about cutting as well. Inspiration struck. We had cleaned out the garage yesterday and actually found some concrete under the stuff. Imagine that! There was a hard clear floor on which to work and we bought some masking tape from the dollar store. I took the fabric and stretched it on the floor and made it as flat as possible, then verified its square and stretched masking tape across two opposite ends. I then used a 4′ straight-edge to mark a line on the masking tape and then measured to the second piece of tape and marked another line parallel to the first. I then cut that line through the masking tape and received a much cleaner cut than the previous experience held. I then applied the double-fold bias tape to the periphery starting at the end of the tape, then the corner, then splitting halves until the straight pins were about 2″ apart. I did it this way to avoid the natural stretch that would occur if I began at the end and went a single direction. All told, I was happy with the product, and happier that the female costumes are now done – and sorted on hangers to boot.