I was in the office for a little bit and was talking with my manager about the current events – the bombing. The discussion went to end times, and I proposed the concept I have held for quite a while. I am a post tribulationist. That means, we don’t get to see God until after the worst period of human history. There are a couple of ideas I apply to come to that conclusion and they are as follows: One was the understanding that it was a new concept which is mentioned and discredited in this article. Secondly, is a more practical matter. There was a soldier coming back from Vietnam who I remember describing two characteristics of prisoners there. There were the ones looking for a particular time to leave, and there were those who believed they would endure. The first camp of individuals set a particular date, let’s say Thanksgiving as the day to look forward to for release. That day would come and go and no release was experienced. They would then look for Easter as the next date. That day would come, then go, and disappointment would become the natural reaction. Those in the date approaching style of thinking would die. The ones who hung on were those who admitted that conditions were horrid, and they could see it through. That style of thinking is what will sustain an individual through the tough times that are coming. One question: of which hardship were Christians supposed to be exempt? “In this world you will have trouble, but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.”
(in looking for that soldier story, I found another interesting link)
When we have the mindset that will sustain through the horrendous times that are coming, we are then ready. Supposing we are wrong and the coming happens prior to the worst – wonderful surprise. To me, that seems a more practical mindset to adopt. What is cool is that I was having this conversation with my boss.