I was in a patient’s home yesterday when a discussion of the bombers was being broadcast. For context, the station shown was CNN, and the host was Wolfe Blitzer. He was interviewing the father of the two boys in question and went to incredible lengths to present “normal” boys. There was no action giving a hint that they could behave in this manner. They were just likable, friendly, wonderful “normal” boys. One of them was even a mentor. The word not used was muslim. So let’s see Wolfe: normal boys create a stash of weapons in their apartments that would make the police jealous. Normal boys would set up two bombs in the middle of a sporting event designed to cause maximum damage and terror to the people there. Normal boys would fight a firefight with police, throw bombs out of their car, and when cornered, one drive over the other to escape. This is normal, but only for muslims. When I heard the location of the bombs and their timing, I was just waiting for that word to be used. Actually, it wasn’t used, but their father praised allah that the boys were not near the bomb. That was close enough for me.
The Main Stream Propagandists are loathe to call the ideology by its name when it won’t look good, but pine for the opportunity to malign God fearing Americans.
I find it interesting how much the media talks about the violence of the right wing, but we on the right have a problem. If we believe in application of law and justice, the only way to respond in kind would be to violate our principles – become left-wing as it were. How many tea-party events trashed the venue, yet get painted with the brush owned by occupy. Those swinging that brush are the MSP.

Update: Here is another one on Current. Remember that this station was the one sold by Algore to the muslim propagandists.